Ecological agriculture

All grapes are grown in a 32 hectare family vineyard. We count on our best friend and partner, the NATURE, to maintain and care the best fruit. We disrupt as little as possible the nature cycle, as well as the animal and floral diversity. We need to be part of the landscape and find a perfect balance and harmony with the ecosystem. Day after day, we are lucky to count on our best alliances that make part of the local treasures in El Toleiro: birds, insects, warms, mammals, reptiles, herbs and plants, threes... and all the bio-diversity that balance the ecosystem.

Our core values

Following our family heritage, philosophy and values we follow five golden rules:

  • Honesty
  • Respect and care for the local environment and its sustainability
  • Aiming excellence in the quality of our wines
  • Wine making from our own vineyards and our traditional knowledge
  • Engagement with our local community, history and culture.

From the winery we are committed to further develop “wine culture”, promoting activities and opening our doors and vineyards to all. We love wine and “wine culture”, needless to say we endorse and enhance responsive drinking.

Organic wines since 1982

Our vines are 20 to 35 years old and are guided with bamboo props, string trellises, wooden post and many kilometres of stainless steel wire. The old vines are pruned "en vaso" without supports.

We till the land and cut the herbs. We don´t attack with herbicides. When needed, we use organic and pulse, never chemical fertilisers. We prevent mildew, oidium and insect plague with bewitched and plant extract; very rarely with sulphur and borddeux mixture, and never with systemic extracts that could permeate into the sap.

Above all we aim to respect the links in the biological chain, plants, the soil and associated fauna – worms, butterflies and other beneficent insects-, that is to say, biodiversity, life itself. We produce grapes that are residue free, well balanced and nutritional. This, in turn, is one of the essential factors underlying the aromatic potential of our wines. We harvest with our own hands; clean and carefully selected grapes are quickly bought to the cellar in 20kg baskets.

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